[ Wi-Fi ]

Where possible, items are listed by alphabetical order. No preference is given in any rankings.

[ Communities & Maps ]

x http://www.freenetworks.org/ o http://www.toaster.net/wireless/community.html Wireless Community listing. o Linux WLAN Community Project. o NYCWireless.net New York project aiming to spread public wireless network access. o http://www.warchalking.org/ and what those funny symbols mean. o http://www.wi-find.com/ Limited maps of open WAPs. Searchable by ZIP code. o http://wifinder.com/ Yet Another Searchable Database. -----

[ Cool Resources ]

o Awesome Linksys FAQ o Anatomy of Wireless, from Network Computing. o "Fun With The WAP11" "...with a little bit of effort, you can turn the "normal" [Linksys] WAP11 into an Access Point with suprising range and power, by simply telling it's radio to output a stronger signal." o Linux Wireless Tools. Also by Jean Tourrilhes, and also sponsored by HP. o Linux WLAN Howto. By Jean Tourrilhes, sponsored by HP. o Measuring power consumption of wireless cards. o O'Reilly's Recipe for home wireless networking. o http://www.wardriving.com/ Don't use networks that aren't yours! o http://www.wirelesscentral.net/ Ton of wireless equipment for order. -----

[ Software... ]

[ ...for ORiNOCO Cards ]
o AirSnort. Decrypts WEP keys. Linux. Also: Cisco Aironet cards and Prism2 cards. o Airsnort; Orinoco Monitor Mode Patches. Linux. o NetStumbler. Windows. See also: StumbVerter. Imports NetStumbler data files, outputs to Microsoft MapPoint to plot your findings. o WaveMon. Linux 2.4 Kernels w/wireless extensions by Jean Tourrilhes.
[ ...for Prism2 Cards ]
o Aerosol. Windows. o AirJack. Linux. Spoof MAC, APs, etc. o AirSnort. Decrypts WEP keys. Linux. Also: Cisco Aironet cards and Orinoco cards. o AirTraf. Linux. o ApSniff. Windows 2k only. o BSD Airtools. For *BSD systems. o Fake AP, from Black Alchemy. Generate thousands of fake Access Point beacon frames. Linux. Warning: Expects Redhat. o Prism2 / host AP drivers. Use Linux as an Access Point. o Kismet. Linux. Also handles cards supporting standard packet capture via libpcap (Cisco), and limited support for cards without RF Monitor support. o Pizza's misc. patches for Linux. o prismdump. Add-on for ethereal. o ssidsniff. Discovers access points / saves sniffed traffic. o Wellenreiter. Also Hermes (ex. Lucent) cards and Cisco/Aironet cards. Linux/BSD. o WaveStumbler. A "console based 802.11 network mapper for Linux." o Wepcrack. Linux. Briefly predates AirSnort. o WLAN Expert. "WLAN Expert is a wireless client utility designed to work with the PRISM chipset." Windows.
[ ...Multi-card supportive ]
o AirTraf. Linux. Prism2 and Cisco. o PrismStumbler. Linux. Prism2 & ORiNOCO. Does a little of everything. Works with AirSnort. o WiFiScanner. "It can dump traffic in realtime (like tcpdump) and you can change interactively the sniffed channel. Work with Cisco card and Prism card (with linux-wlan-ng and hostap driver)."
[ ...for Macintosh ]
o MacStumbler. No relation to NetStumbler. Nifty WEP features. -----

[ Hardware Devices... ]

[ ...Kensington ]
WiFi Finder o Kensington's WiFi Finder is a handheld, portable WiFi detector that removes the need for a portable or laptop to discover wireless networks.
[ ...Sharp Zaurus ]
Wireless Specific: x taalgaard's Zaurus wireless resources. Excellent page! General: o http://www.myzaurus.com/ Buncha Zaurus resources. o Unofficial (the best kind!) Zaurus FAQ. -----

[ Security ]

o WEP Security Analysis from Berkeley (incl. the kickass Dr. Ian Goldberg). o "An Inductive Chosen Plaintext Attack against WEP/WEP2", William A. Arbaugh, University of Maryland, College Park. o "Using the Fluhrer, Mantin, and Shamir Attack to Break WEP", Adam Stubblefield (Rice University), John Ioannidis & Aviel D. Rubin (AT&T Labs - Research, Florham Park, NJ) o IBM's prototype Wireless Security Auditor. Handheld PDA style hardware device. o umd.edu's Wireless (in)Security page. o SLAN. What's all the above mean? What can you *attempt* to do about it? -----

[ Services & /dev/random Stuff ]

http://www.unstrung.com/.Great site on the wireless industry. http://www.cafe.com/ AiroPeek. Windows/Orinoco, pay. http://www.t-mobile.com/hotspot/ Formerly Mobilestar. Now under the newly branded (and annoying) T Mobile, formerly Voicestream (east coast, for all the left coasters) which is the US arm of some .de telco. "Wiring" all the Starbucks'.

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